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The World of
OLED Lighting
The World of
OLED Lighting

interactive mirror

An aura of OLED light

At first glance, the square grid of OLEDs appears simply to be a light installation. In fact it is intelligent sensor technology combined with a mirror. It senses when someone moves close. The LivingShapes interactive mirror detects the outline of the person and switches off the OLEDs that are in the field of vision of the observer.

In this way, the light installation transforms into a mirror which immerses the viewer in an aura of OLED light. The mirror image is both shadow-free and very natural. This makes the mirror ideal for high-standard hotel rooms or as a special accessory next to the cloakroom in lounges or lobbies.

Size of the mirror:
75 x 75 x 4.9 cm
(~ 29.53x29.53x1.82 in)

Number of OLEDs: 64

Perception range:
10 - 150 cm (~ 4 - 60 in)

interactive wall

Light installations based on
on the modular system

It has never been so easy to create stunning interactive OLED lighting installations in such a short time. The LivingShapes interactive wall is based on an ingenious modular system that eliminates the need to individually connect hundreds of OLEDs to each other. Instead, the user simply utilizes integrated OLED panels equipped with sixteen 5 by 5.5 centimeters (~ 2 by 2.2 inches) Lumiblade OLEDs.

Constructed as a plug-and-play system, any number of panels can be arranged next to and above each other. An installation of several square meters is realized quickly. And it comes at a price that quite literally has to be seen to be believed.

4 x 4 OLED panel

Size of the panel:
211.8 x 231.8 x 16.6 mm
(~ 8.3 x 9.1 x 0.7 in)

Illuminated area:
256 cm 2 (39.7 in 2 )

white (CCT 3,200 K)