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The World of
OLED Lighting
The World of
OLED Lighting

Philips Lumiblade

The new light in its purest form

Lumiblade OLEDs are a true raw material that can be integrated seamlessly into any design. To make the implementation of this thrilling light technology as easy as possible, customers can choose from a variety of OLED integration levels fitting to their needs. From the bare naked OLED to a stylish framed and wired OLED, everything is possible. Customers and those interested in purchasing have access to OLEDs in their original form in the Philips OEM web shop.

Philips Lumiblade OLED
Panel Brite FL300 ww

Functional OLED light

With its “Brite” OLED series, Philips is now also paving the way for the use of OLED lighting in functional situations. The Brite FL300 ww is the first representative of this new series and has impressive performance specifications for OLED panels, providing 300 lumens over a good 144 cm2 at an efficiency of 50 lumens per watt. This makes it the world’s brightest OLED commercially available, capable of being used in functional lighting applications. The Brite FL300 ww is available in a variety of integration levels. This makes it the ideal introduction to the world of OLED lighting for OEMs, for example. The Brite FL300 ww has already begun to show what it can do, and has been chosen by German designer Thomas Emde for his OLED luminaire series sold under the OMLED brand label (see under projects). Philips themselves are also using four of these OLEDs in their first OLED luminaire, called Philips ThinAir, which will be launched in 2015.


Brite FL300 wm
The best of both worlds

functional lighting
meets decorative lighting

With our Brite FL300 ww OLEDs our customers have access to the brightest OLEDs on the market. However, light output is not everything. And with the Brite FL300 ww trimmed for a perfect light output the mirror finish of our decorative OLED line has been replaced with a white surface in off state. However, having worked closely with designers and architects we know that the mirror finish is a feature sought after. Therefore Philips offers also the Brite FL300 wm, OLEDs that come with mirror finish but reduced light output. Making the Brite FL300 wm the perfect choice for applications where design and functionality are a must.


Lumiblade OLED Panel
Brite FL300 L

Rectangle is the new square

With the Brite FL300 L Lumiblade is introducing yet another member to its Brite family of functional OLEDs. This time, size does matter as the FL300 L is opening new possibilities due to its form factor. The rectangular OLED (approx. 6.3 x 24 cm/2.48 x 9.45 in) provides 300 lumens and an efficiency of 50 lumens per watt* and is the ideal OLED for all applications where the homogenous light needs to be distributed over a larger area or where the design calls for a slim shape of the OLED.

The Brite FL300 L will be available in two integration levels as of Q3/2015.

* All technical data is preliminary as of May 2015

Philips Lumiblade
OLED Drivers

Electronics and light source
from the same provider

LED drivers such as those in the Philips Xitanium series are currently still being used to power OLEDs. This is a good solution, but the properties of OLEDs are so specialized that LED drivers cannot realize their full potential. That is why Philips Lumiblade offers drivers that have been developed specially to meet the requirements of OLEDs. The Philips Lumiblade D230 V 80 W/0.1-0.5/1 A/28 V TD/A 8 ch driver, for example, can be used to power up to eight OLEDs simultaneously at a maximum brightness of 2,400 lumens. At the same time the built-in power supply unit means that the driver can be plugged in to the mains anywhere in the world without an adapter (except in Japan). When it comes to drive just one OLED, Philips offers very small drivers whose extreme compact housing enables new design possibilities. Yet, even these small electronics feature a DMX512 control interface or other electronic gadgets.